WATCHVIVA 6 wholesale advantages

You can purchase products at a wholesale prices from between 35%-75% off

The majority of products are more flexible than your typical wholesale market. This type of purchasing is most suitable for retail stores, small to medium enterprises or online shops.

Our goods are licensed (company goods) and parallel imports (balanced imports / imports); catalogs and quotations can be provided to meet customer needs

To provide customers with a comfortable experience, customers who place orders do not need to pay the full amount upfront, they can pay a part of it in the form of a deposit first.

We provide free local (Hong Kong) shipping, no matter how large the shipment is. We will ensure safe and punctual arrival at the designated address.

General market wholesale does not include maintenance services, but WatchViva will provide this service for free to all customers. Whether it is licensed or parallel imports, we will provide maintenance / warranty for a duration of time.

Popular watch wholesale brands: Casio(GShock、BabyG) 、Citizen 、Daniel Wellington、Emporio Armani 、Olivia Burton 、Maserati 、Seiko

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